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You will likely spend more waking hours in your dental office than in your home this year. BridgeWorks Construction will ensure that you will not only have an ergonomically functional facility, but we will create a space that reflects your personality and desires.


Dental office design and construction requires a specialized skill set, most often beyond that of a general construction company that typically handles general office spaces and residential services.  

BridgeWorks understands the intricacies and critical requirements of your dental equipment and cherishes strong relationships with all equipment suppliers.  Your instrument delivery location, your perfectly sized hygiene or operatory, and optimized work flow are critical to our design and your profitability.


The diverse talents of our staff merge to provide a rewarding experience for our customers. BridgeWorks Construction provides the attention to detail and timeline management that each project deserves. Our professional and personal service is founded on open communication. We have worked hard to develop our tradition of excellence and our reputation in the industry, so we strive to ensure that the tradition of confidence continues.

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